Chrysler Pacifica Facebook Canvas Ad

Facebook Canvas for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica (2017)

The agency was asked to come up with a concept to utilize the then-new Facebook Canvas platform. I hopped on to concept and create canvases to showcase three elements of the Pacifica: Award-Winning Safety Features, Design paired with Technology, and the environmentally conscious Hybrid version.

The mandate was to explore all the available features a canvas could offer, provided the assets allowed for it. After experimenting with the platform a bit, I had to come up with a creative work-around in order to make the ad feel like it was worth spending time with. The “Tilt” feature was a fun way to surprise a user and let them interact, but it only supported images, no video. In order to further surprise and delight the user, I exported an animated GIF into the tilt module.

The work was well received and a blast to make!

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